Introducing Channel Focus

Introducing Channel Focus

Channel Focus gives you detailed understanding of shopper attitudes in the high-growth channels of convenience, food discount, high street discount and online. Each quarter, we interview samples of over 1,000 shoppers in each channel to bring you robust and reliable insights that will help you understand:

  • Who they are and how frequently they use the channel
  • What their shopping missions and motivators are
  • Levels of satisfaction and areas for development across a range of commercial topics, including value, quality, private label and promotions

Monthly Channel insight

Each month, we publish the findings of our latest channel tracking survey and a hot topic report on the same channel. So, every quarter, you'll receive insights across convenience, discount and online, with food and high street discount alternating each quarter.

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With Channel Focus you get:

Monthly hot topic reports with insights, implications and examples of in-store excellence to help you identify trends and future direction in each channel
The latest tracking statistics for each channel, an executive summary of key findings and implications for you
Channel-specific live webinars - your chance to quiz our shopper experts directly

Small store shopping is on the rise. We forecast the convenience sector will deliver above-market growth over the next five years. Connect with convenience store shoppers with our insights here.

In an ever-digital world, we forecast the online grocery sector will double in value over the next five years. Grow your appeal with online grocery shoppers with our insights here.

The discounters are growing rapidly and taking market share from the major multiples. Find out how to engage with shoppers who use food and high street discount stores with our insights here.

Eating and drinking on the go is becoming the norm. Find out who the food-to-go shopper is, what their priorities are for different food-to-go missions and how they rate the options on offer.

Only available to Channel Focus subscribers, monthly hot topic reports on key channel issues and opportunities

Each report is packed with insights, implications and examples of shopper marketing best practice and innovation to help you identify trends and future direction in each channel.

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Each month, discover the views of over 1,000 channel shoppers with our tracking data

We pull together charts and insights across key measures in each channel to help you identify shopper trends and to take action.

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Channel Focus will help you connect with shoppers in the channels with the biggest growth potential. With a robust and comprehensive research methodology, analysis delivered by IGD's channel and shopper experts, and an easy-to-use interface to help you get to key insights quickly, Channel Focus is an essential investment for businesses seeking growth in convenience, discount and online.

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