Channel Focus is the sister subscription service to ShopperVista that gives you detailed understanding of shopper attitudes in three high-growth channels: convenience, online and discount.

By 2019, we forecast the combined UK grocery market share of these channels will rise to nearly 43%. And in a recent survey, over half of retailers told us they are looking for their suppliers to develop bespoke shopper programmes for each of their store formats.

The implication? A growing need for businesses to understand how to maximise shopper opportunities at a channel level. That's where Channel Focus comes in.

What is Channel Focus?

Channel Focus is a tracking service based on our ShopperVista model, following the same best-practice research methodology we've established. It doesn't replicate or replace the insights we provide through ShopperVista; it delivers new in-depth insights specific to the convenience, online and discount (both high street and food) channels.

These insights are provided through three brand new tracking surveys we've launched. Each quarter, we interview samples of over 1,000 shoppers in each channel to bring you robust and reliable insights that will help you understand:

  • Who they are and how frequently they use the channel
  • What their shopping missions and motivators are
  • Levels of satisfaction and areas for development across a range of commercial topics, including value, quality, private label and promotions

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How will Channel Focus help me?

If your business wants to excel in these high-growth channels, our insights will enable you to:

  • Be at the forefront of channel-specific shopper requirements
  • Develop and adapt your channel plans in line with shopper expectations
  • Optimise shopper communication by understanding the key triggers in each channel
  • Innovate with channel-specific ranging, promotion and communication plans
  • Build multichannel capability across your organisation by integrating our channel insights into your reporting

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How are the insights delivered?

Each quarter, we'll provide a complete cycle of insights covering the convenience, online and discount channels. This means that each month you'll receive:

  • The latest tracking findings for a channel, complete with executive summary of the key findings and implications
  • A hot topic report with insights, implications and examples of in-store excellence

Plus throughout the year, we'll run channel-specific live webinars - your chance to quiz our shopper experts directly on the issues that matter to your business.

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Do I already have access? How can I try it?

Channel Focus is available as a separate subscription to ShopperVista. The insights are integrated into the ShopperVista website and are clearly labelled to make them easy to distinguish and navigate.

To find out if your company subscribes - or to request a demonstration of our Channel Focus and ShopperVista services - please contact us:

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+44 (0)1923 851954

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