Shopper Themes

ShopperVista contains a wealth of insight in reports, presentations, articles and webcasts.

Within these eight key shopper themes you can quickly find all the information from across the service for the topic you are working on.

Account specific shopper spotlights and practical implications to help you trade better with the UK’s leading grocers.
Category management best practice and capability development tools to help you unlock shopper insights in your business
Our category benchmarks series provides the attitudinal shopper data you need to know for individual categories.
What is the general direction of travel for British shoppers? How confident are they about their future prospects and outlook?
Also covered:
What ethical attributes are important to shoppers? Which are growing drivers of product choice, and what will the future bring?
Promotions continue to play a key role in shaping shopper behaviour - find out what shoppers think about and want from special offers.
Excellent In-store execution remains a vital ingredient of shopper marketing - find out what drives shoppers when in-store here.
Also covered:
What are the trends in private label and branded grocery purchase and outlook, and what brand attributes do shoppers value?
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Channel Focus
Channel Focus is the new subscription service from ShopperVista. You will find great content designed to give you detailed understanding of shopper attitudes in three high-growth channels: convenience, online and discount.