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Shopper articles
20 Apr 2017
Find out about store choice drivers, shopper attitudes around brands and private label, plus the shopper value equation.
19 Apr 2017
Following strong 2016 results find out what matters most to their shoppers and keeps them coming back
05 Apr 2017
Understand how to future proof your business by providing time-saving solutions that appeal most to post-millennials
15 Mar 2017
Understand how post-millennial shoppers are set to shape the future of food and grocery shopping
09 Mar 2017
Find out about food price expectations, perceptions around promotions, the evening meal mission and how shoppers are open to new and different.
20 Feb 2017
Explore how shopper preferences differ by food-to-go missions and how this could impact on your approach to the market.
17 Feb 2017
More than 8 out of 10 shoppers are actively trying to improve their diet through a variety of actions, find out what shoppers are prioritising……
17 Feb 2017
As you start planning for the summer months, we highlight opportunities for you to win with shoppers over this period.
13 Feb 2017
Find out what shopper's concerns are and the ways they have been trying to make savings in our latest infographic around savvy shopping.
31 Jan 2017
After Tesco and Booker announced their proposal to merge we look at whether this move aligns with how shoppers are shopping now
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