IGD brings together stakeholders from across food and grocery to produce industry guidelines. Download the latest here.
14 Nov 2016
Our brand new research explores the motivators and barriers to shoppers using the nutrition information that is on food and drink labels. The research will reveal how we are working with industry to help people use nutrition information more often to make healthier choices. Download your free copy here.
24 Sep 2015
Food waste costs the food and grocery industry £19bn every year in the UK. This report, part of IGD’s Working on Waste campaign, looks at how barriers to reducing food waste might be overcome, and looks at the impact of targeted messages and interventions.
10 Sep 2012
A free interactive best practice guide to communicating to consumers about manufactured foods. Includes suggested communication methods, case studies and a glossary of manufacturing terms.
14 Aug 2012
A free report by IGD's INSG's working group summarising the existing evidence for portion size and consumption behaviour and recommendations for future research. Download your free copy here.
01 Aug 2011
This free guide sets out principles for businesses on how to calculate and communicate portions of fruit and vegetables in composite foods. It will be of interest to nutritionists and those working in product development, product design, regulatory affairs, communications and marketing.
07 Oct 2010
A free guide for food businesses providing information to consumers about sugars. Includes research on consumer knowledge of sugars, labelling of sugars on food and drink products and recommendations for dietary intake of sugars .
06 Oct 2010
This free guide is designed to help food businesses give healthy eating messages to consumers that are relevant, appropriate and consistent with government messages.
29 Oct 2009
A free report for food businesses providing voluntary guidelines on how to correctly communicate portion size to consumers on packaging and labelling. Includes a review of portion size information currently provided on food labels and research on consumer attitudes to portion size information.
15 Jul 2009
Understand consumer attitudes to portion size information on food and drink products with this free research. Ideal for those working in nutrition, product design or marketing, it examines how consumers determine portion sizes, and their attitudes to portion size information on food and drink products.
03 Oct 2008
With concerns about food security bringing GM back into the headlines in early 2008, what do consumers think? This free document is the result of extensive IGD research, and provides a practical and impartial view of consumer awareness, knowledge and attitudes to GM foods.
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