IGD factsheets continue to ensure we lead the way in providing relevant and reliable background and contextual information. These are the shopper ones.
Shopper Factsheets
What do consumers think about Genetically Modified (GM) Foods? This factsheet shows recent IGD research on shopper's understanding, concerns and awareness of Genetically Modified (GM) Foods.
Understand category management jargon with this comprehensive list of definitions for key category management words, terms & phrases.
This factsheet includes information on how shoppers are connected, the pre-purchase phase, using technology in-store and the future.
We have picked out three of the latest big picture trends. If you work in the industry, they will help you understand what shoppers are currently doing and why.
Almost every household is able to buy their groceries online from the comfort of their own home. This factsheet includes information on how, why and who shops for groceries online.
In-store promotions factsheet, covering how promotions are changing shopper behaviour, and what shoppers dislike about in-store promotions.
Shoppers buy local food for freshness, economic factors and environmental factors. Other reasons for buying locally produced food include naturalness, traceability, taste and value for money.
What impact will the ageing population have on the grocery industry? This factsheet includes information on the UK population structure and what elderly shoppers look for.
What are the main food production concerns amongst shoppers? This factsheet shows that animal welfare, food additives and factory hygiene are all major concerns.
UK population trends & statistics factsheet. Includes UK population size and growth data, the ageing population, uk household size, ethnic diversity, and the implications for the food & grocery industry.
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