Shopper outlook
What is the general direction of travel for British shoppers? How confident do they feel about the future? Faced with macro-economic headwinds, we closely track how these are impacting food and grocery shopping behaviour.
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Shopper outlook - Economics
16 Dec 2014
This new reports looks at how UK shoppers live and how this is evolving.
27 Sep 2013
This economic analysis examines how shopping decisions have changed in a period of unprecedented economic stress.
14 Aug 2012
Our chief economist James Walton demonstrates five ways economic change is shaping shopper behaviour and vice versa
Shopper outlook - Reports
Digital: what do shoppers want?
Maximise your digital touchpoints with your shoppers with IGD’s latest research on the digital path-to-purchase.
Differentiating through innovation
Understand how to balance the need for range rationalisation with shopper demand for new product development
Retailers compared – the shopper view
Want to know how shoppers rate leading UK retailers? This report looks at how shopper attitudes and drivers of store choice differ by retailer and how they are changing.
Healthy eating - what shoppers want
This report takes a comprehensive look at how shoppers view healthy eating today and how the industry can help them to make healthier choices in the future.
Shopper segmentation - A new approach to targeting shoppers
New research providing granularity on British shopper trends helping you to target particular shopper segments that align best with your strategy.
Shopper outlook - Articles and webcasts
15 Mar 2017
Understand how post-millennial shoppers are set to shape the future of food and grocery shopping
17 Feb 2017
As you start planning for the summer months, we highlight opportunities for you to win with shoppers over this period.
13 Feb 2017
Find out what shopper's concerns are and the ways they have been trying to make savings in our latest infographic around savvy shopping.