Private label and brands
Each month we track shoppers' views on private label and branded groceries - what they claim to buy, what they intend to buy in the future, and what brand attributes shoppers believe are important.
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Private label and brands - Snapshots
Photo ID no. 16578 November 2014 - Changing channel dynamics
Photo ID no. 10496 Retailer and manufacturer brands
Photo ID no. 8731 Shopper attitudes to private label and brands
Private label and brands - Reports
Differentiating through innovation
Understand how to balance the need for range rationalisation with shopper demand for new product development
Shopper segmentation - A new approach to targeting shoppers
New research providing granularity on British shopper trends helping you to target particular shopper segments that align best with your strategy.
Shopper trends – shaping future behaviour
This brand new research explores and highlights some of the major shoppers trends that are set to impact the UK grocery landscape in the future. Take a look at this research to gain a deep dive into shopper motivations to investigate what lies behind their shopper behaviour.
Private label and brands - Articles and webcasts
22 Mar 2016
Being able to build and embed a category vision/plan/strategy is without a doubt a key capability to help develop a lasting partnership.
24 Feb 2016
Following a difficult year for Asda, IGD’s Michael Freedman and Chris Kirkland consider how a renewed focus on innovation can help Asda to stand out from the crowd for shoppers.
10 Feb 2016
Valentine’s Day is round the corner and Morrison’s has created a stir with its 25p oysters offer. Ray reviews the impact of this type of deal has on him, and shares some key drivers to events to help unlock the opportunity this event creates.