Promotions and loyalty
Promotions continue to play a key role in shaping shopper behaviour. Each month we track how this role changes, and how satisfied shoppers are with the promotions they find. Use the reports to get more detail insight into what people think about special offers.
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Promotions and loyalty - Snapshots
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Promotions and loyalty - Reports
What shoppers want from promotions
Understand the role of promotions vs EDLP, mechanic preferences by category and what improvements shoppers are looking for.
Retailers compared – the shopper view
Want to know how shoppers rate leading UK retailers? This report looks at how shopper attitudes and drivers of store choice differ by retailer and how they are changing.
Shopper segmentation - A new approach to targeting shoppers
New research providing granularity on British shopper trends helping you to target particular shopper segments that align best with your strategy.
Shopper trends – shaping future behaviour
This brand new research explores and highlights some of the major shoppers trends that are set to impact the UK grocery landscape in the future. Take a look at this research to gain a deep dive into shopper motivations to investigate what lies behind their shopper behaviour.
Promotions and loyalty - Articles and webcasts
15 Jun 2016
Love them or hate them promotions are a key tactic in food and grocery. See what shoppers think in this infographic.
15 Jun 2016
Satisfaction with promotions is in decline, can gifts and competitions be the answer? In this infographic see what shoppers are looking for.
26 May 2016
In light of Asda’s latest set of challenging results, Vanessa takes a look at the retailer’s latest shopper initiatives to win back shopper loyalty…