Ethics and health
Ethical product or store attributes continue to play an important role in driving shopper choice and encouraging additional spend. Find a range of insights from our tracking and 'deep dive' research here, and select the specific sub-theme of your choice.
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Ethics and health - Reports
Differentiating through innovation
Understand how to balance the need for range rationalisation with shopper demand for new product development
Nutritional information on pack
Our brand new research explores the motivators and barriers to shoppers using the nutrition information that is on food and drink labels.
Shopper Trends Q2 2016 – Health at the heart of the store
The role of healthy eating is becoming more and more important for the food industry. Our latest shopper trends report outlines how the industry can support shoppers to follow a healthier diet, with a particular focus on nutritional labelling.
Retailers compared – the shopper view
Want to know how shoppers rate leading UK retailers? This report looks at how shopper attitudes and drivers of store choice differ by retailer and how they are changing.
Healthy eating - what shoppers want
This report takes a comprehensive look at how shoppers view healthy eating today and how the industry can help them to make healthier choices in the future.
Ethics and health - Articles and webcasts
17 Feb 2017
More than 8 out of 10 shoppers are actively trying to improve their diet through a variety of actions, find out what shoppers are prioritising……
19 Jan 2017
With the UK set to leave the EU, Michael looks at shoppers’ appetite for local and British food and what this means for different categories
20 Apr 2016
Mars recently announced they will provide product consumption guidance for shoppers and the government is taxing sugary drinks. We look at what shoppers think about healthy eating and what support they are looking for.