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Specific shopper insights on organic groceries, from levels of current and future intended purchase to the importance of product attributes, drawn from IGD’s monthly tracking data and programme of in-depth Deep Dive reports.
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Shopper segmentation - A new approach to targeting shoppers
New research providing granularity on British shopper trends helping you to target particular shopper segments that align best with your strategy.
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06 Jan 2016
Convenience will be decisive in determining the market winners. But what does convenience look like? Michael provides a checklist for delivering convenient solutions to meet the differing needs of each of the six IGD Shoppervista shopper segments
06 Aug 2015
Vanessa takes a closer look at what shoppers are willing to pay extra for in light of an increasing focus on quality. Do you know if your added-value benefits are in line with what shoppers are willing to pay more for? Find out here…
22 Jan 2013
The past few years have been a rollercoaster ride for shoppers, often with more downs than ups. Economic concerns are having an impact on attitudes to ethical shopping. This latest research finds out how shoppers’ attitudes to organic food shopping has evolved over the past few years