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Sustainability and packaging
Specific shopper insights on sustainability and packaging, from levels of current and future intended purchase to the importance of product attributes, drawn from our monthly tracking data and programme of in-depth 'deep dive' reports.
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Sustainability and packaging - Reports
Shopper segmentation - A new approach to targeting shoppers
New research providing granularity on British shopper trends helping you to target particular shopper segments that align best with your strategy.
Working on waste: a focus on 18-34s
Food waste costs the food and grocery industry £19bn every year in the UK. This report, part of IGD’s Working on Waste campaign, looks at how barriers to reducing food waste might be overcome, and looks at the impact of targeted messages and interventions
Sustainability and packaging - Articles and webcasts
19 Jun 2012
While the term ‘connected shopper’ may sound futuristic, in reality, the future is already here. In this article Tim Maton details how connected shoppers are and the future of promotions.
09 Feb 2012
Against the backdrop of a challenging consumer economy, we have identified nine key shopper trends for 2012 in our new Shopper Trends report. Here, we take a closer look at three of them.
12 Jan 2012
Michael Freedman looks at what shoppers' chief considerations are when deciding what to buy - including the number one influencing factor - and how the canniest are looking to beat the system.