Category and capability
Building on IGD’s long heritage in Category Management training, we share best practice examples and benchmarking tools to help you develop your capability. We’ll help you practically put the shopper at the heart of your business
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Category and capability - Reports
Differentiating through innovation
Understand how to balance the need for range rationalisation with shopper demand for new product development
Supplier capability in category management – Category management survey findings
What are the traits of the most capable suppliers in category management? Read on to understand how the most capable perform across six key areas compared to the market.
Preparing for future challenges - Category management survey findings
What are the big challenges for category management in the next few years?
Collaborating for success – Category management survey findings
How are suppliers and retailers collaborating in category management? What is best practice? Read findings from our recent category management survey.
The evolving challenges for category management – key findings of category management survey
How is the way suppliers and retailers practice category management changing?
Category and capability - Articles and webcasts
13 Oct 2016
Our latest infographic looks at the importance of brands by category and the impacts of availability on suppliers and retailers.
15 Sep 2016
What does it take to be a great category manager? And what are retailers looking for from them? Find out in this infographic.
05 Jul 2016
Two thirds of insight managers believe they are experts at data analysis. But what does it take to be a great insight manager? Find out in this infographic.