Category benchmarks
Our category benchmarks series provides the attitudinal shopper data you need to know for individual categories. Use it to compare and contrast your shoppers with other relevant categories, your wider macro category and the total store to enhance your shopper understanding.
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Category benchmarks - Reports
Category benchmarks 2016 – Health and beauty
Unlock growth opportunities to drive health and beauty conversion in-store – featuring dental care, hair care, personal care, skin care and medicine.
Category benchmarks 2016 - Dairy
Understand the challenges and growth opportunities in the dairy category
Category benchmarks 2016 – Frozen foods
Unlock growth opportunities for ice-cream, frozen meals, vegetables and meat, fish & poultry
Category benchmarks 2016 – Fresh fruit and vegetables
Identify category growth opportunities within fresh fruit and vegetables
Category benchmarks 2016 - Bakery
Understand shopper behaviour and attitudes within bread and cakes and pastries
Category benchmarks - Articles and webcasts
22 Mar 2016
Being able to build and embed a category vision/plan/strategy is without a doubt a key capability to help develop a lasting partnership.
10 Feb 2016
Valentine’s Day is round the corner and Morrison’s has created a stir with its 25p oysters offer. Ray reviews the impact of this type of deal has on him, and shares some key drivers to events to help unlock the opportunity this event creates.