Eating and drinking on the go is becoming the norm. Find out who the food-to-go shopper is, what their priorities are for different food-to-go missions and how they rate the options on offer.
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The research here is taken from Channel Focus - the channels subscription service from IGD ShopperVista.

Channel Focus is designed to give you detailed understanding of shopper attitudes in three high-growth channels: convenience, online, discount and food-to-go.

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Channel Focus
Food-to-go - Reports
Understanding Greggs’ shoppers
Explore what matter most to Greggs' shoppers when completing their food-to-go missions.
Understanding McDonald's shoppers
Explore what matter most to McDonalds shoppers when completing their food-to-go missions
Food-to-go update
10 Feb 2017
Using our food-to-go mission framework we provide an update on the key mission statistics as well as looking at purchase and consumption patterns.
Food-to-go - Articles and webcasts
19 Apr 2017
Following strong 2016 results find out what matters most to their shoppers and keeps them coming back
20 Feb 2017
Explore how shopper preferences differ by food-to-go missions and how this could impact on your approach to the market.
06 Dec 2016
How different is the London food-to-go shopper? Take a look at our latest food-to-go infographic and keep an eye out for our upcoming London report.