The discounters are growing rapidly and taking market share from the major multiples. Find out how to engage with shoppers who use food and high street discount stores with our insights here.

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The research here is taken from Channel Focus - the channels subscription service from IGD ShopperVista.

Channel Focus is designed to give you detailed understanding of shopper attitudes in three high-growth channels: convenience, online, discount and food-to-go.

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Channel Focus
Discount - Reports
Growing the main shopping mission within food discounters
We explore triggers and barriers to conducting a main shop within food discounters
Understanding Lidl shoppers
Maximise growth opportunities with Lidl through a greater understanding of Lidl shopper behaviour
Understanding Aldi shoppers
Maximise growth opportunities with Aldi by meeting shopper requirements around price, quality and fresh foods.
Discount - Tracking
See our latest tracking data to understand shopper missions in discounters to help you optimise your sales opportunity
Discount - Articles and webcasts
27 Oct 2016
Explore what shoppers may make of the multi-price point fascia Poundland & more currently being trialled in six stores
15 Aug 2016
One year on, how is the partnership with Lidl and Mumsnet helping the retailer to grow market share. Check out Vanessa’s latest blog to find out more…
03 Aug 2016
Understand how shopper missions are changing and how IGD can provide you with a tailor made solution to help you develop a mission based layout for shoppers