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Each month we talk to over 1,000 different shoppers across Great Britain

Below you can download the full presentations of trend slides from the ShopperVista monthly tracking survey, a selection of key slides, or read our monthly blog analysis.

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Find out what shoppers are saying about food price expectations, promotions, the evening meal mission and how shoppers are open to new and different.
Our latest update looks at shoppers’ personal economic concerns as well as how they have been making food and grocery savings.
Find out what shoppers are saying about saving money, satisfaction levels and interest in technology.
Find out what shoppers are saying about food price expectations, ways they have saved money on their last trip as well as where they are shopping and their satisfaction across different channels.
Get up to speed with your shoppers to understand how confident they are this month, where they are shopping and how satisfied they are with different grocery channels. 
Find out how we’re updating our core research methodologyto bring you even better insights every month. Check out our new report!
Our latest tracking results reveal that fewer shoppers are carrying out most of their grocery shopping within food discounters
Our latest results reveal that shopper confidence dipped after the EU referendum, but is now in recovery
Our latest results show the number of shoppers expecting to better off in the year ahead.
Our latest results reveal increased shopper confidence and a shift to quality rather than saving money.
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