We pride ourselves in our in-depth and robust shopper research. We also know how busy you and your colleagues are, and that sometimes you just want to discover the ‘So What’ from our research. And fast.

Welcome, therefore, to the FastTrack section to ShopperVista, where you can find the latest summaries and Snapshots of ShopperVista research. It’s a Start Here into our world of insights

Shopper Trends
31 Oct 2016
How well do you currently engage with your shoppers? This report outlines the key emotional drivers shoppers want in their ideal grocery shopping experience.
In-store excellence
17 Oct 2016
Read how Walkers have tailored their activities by shopper mission and how retailers and suppliers are leveraging sponsorship, events and health with our latest examples of shopper excellence.
01 Apr 2016
Simon Attfield and Rhian Thomas help you understand the benefits of shopper segmentation, how you can engage with each of the shopper segments and show examples of how to target particular shopper groups.