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05 Apr 2017
Discover post-millennials’ favourite food and grocery brands and what makes them so special.
05 Apr 2017
See how their shopping behaviour differs to their parents in the products they buy, the missions they undertake and the types of stores they go to.
05 Apr 2017
Watch this to discover their time saving tactics when it comes to food and grocery shopping, their favourite time saving products and their willingness to pay more for convenience.
05 Apr 2017
Find out how post-millennials want to find out more about food and grocery shopping and cooking.
05 Apr 2017
Watch this to see their attitudes to NPD and which new food and grocery products appeal most to these shoppers.
05 Apr 2017
Understand how they believe they will shop for food and groceries in future and the role of technology.
01 Apr 2016
Simon Attfield and Rhian Thomas help you understand the benefits of shopper segmentation, how you can engage with each of the shopper segments and show examples of how to target particular shopper groups.
18 Dec 2015
See these online food and grocery shoppers who have the highest interest in using technology for food and grocery shopping. One of the six segments in our ShopperVista segmentation research.
17 Dec 2015
Discover how cooking from scratch, trying new recipes and buying new products on impulse are key for these shoppers. One of the six segments in our ShopperVista segmentation research.
16 Dec 2015
Watch this to see why these shoppers like to plan their shopping and buy familiar products, visiting one or two familiar stores. One of the six segments in our ShopperVista segmentation research.
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