We're in contact with shoppers 365 days a year - because we believe the best insights only come from analysing and interpreting primary shopper research

We therefore utilise a wide range of quantitative and qualitative research techniques, choosing the most appropriate methodology for each subject that will provide the best insights.

At the heart of ShopperVista is our quantitative tracking programme. Through this we collect the thoughts of over 20,000 British grocery shoppers every year. We undertake robust analysis throughout the year to track the very latest changes in shoppers’ behaviours and attitudes accurately. We have recently modified our approach to speaking to British grocery shoppers on a monthly basis. We now survey a much broader base of shoppers which allows us to capture a broader set of shopper missions and get a truer picture of the multichannel shopper. Please follow this link for some more information.

ShopperVista goes beyond simple purchasing behaviour to really understand what is driving shopper behaviours. It focuses on both the attitudes and behaviours of British shoppers covering a wide range of topics that impact the food and grocery industry, providing insight into their motivations and barriers, plus their future shopping intentions.

For each piece of in-depth shopper research we conduct, we also conduct additional research, flexing the sample to ensure we’re talking to the most relevant selection of shoppers for that specific topic, including bespoke quantitative surveys and a range of qualitative techniques.

All the research is undertaken by our team of shopper experts to MRS best practice, and we also draw upon the 'total supply chain' expertise within IGD to provide highly valuable analysis and implications.

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