Food-to-go & eating out articles

09 August 2018
Combining IGD’s extensive shopper insight and feedback from immersive shopper groups, we have identified the five mega-trends we anticipate defining shoppers of the future. Here’s how you can future-proof your business today to win with shoppers of tomorrow. DOWNLOAD INFOGRAPHIC AS PDF DOWNLOAD INFOGRAPHIC AS PDF FOR REGULAR UPDATES Keep up-to-date with developments ...
18 July 2018
Despite having no previous interest in football, I have been completely addicted to the World Cup, changing plans and altering my usual mid-week routine so that I didn’t miss any important matches. I am definitely not alone, with a peak audience of 26.5 million people watching the semi-final on 11th July. Events like the World Cup can have a significant impact on the mood of the nation, leading...
21 May 2018
Shoppers’ changing behaviour is transforming the food-to-go landscape, providing a wealth of new opportunities for categories and products. It’s one of the themes of our food-to-go event this year, where we’ll present some of our latest research. Ahead of the event, our food-to-go experts Gavin and Rhian reveal three characteristics of the future food-to-go shopper and consumer. 1. Changi...
11 December 2017
Stay up to date with the different missions shopper are completing across different channels. DOWNLOAD INFOGRAPHIC AS PDF DOWNLOAD INFOGRAPHIC AS PDF
08 December 2017
Across Europe and North America, IGD takes you ‘on safari’ to the best stores in a market, targeting the innovations and category developments that offer the sharpest insights relevant to your business. View our short video, ‘3 lessons in Food-to-go fusion in Dublin’ taken from our recent safari in Dublin.
16 November 2017
Last week we brought together a range of manufacturers, retailers and food-to-go specialists, to highlight some of the latest trends, innovations and opportunities for growth across the sector. Here’s what we learned: 1. Partnerships are becoming increasingly key and will grow further in importance This was a key theme for the day, mentioned by many of our speakers. A key theme was retailer...
14 November 2017
Find out more about shoppers using Subway with this short infographic DOWNLOAD INFOGRAPHIC AS PDF DOWNLOAD INFOGRAPHIC AS PDF
03 November 2017
Greggs and Pret both fall within our market classification of food-to-go specialists . Currently we value this part of the market at £5.1bn of the food-to-go market’s £17.4bn total. We expect this part of the market will be the fastest growing over the next five years, reaching £7.7bn by 2022. This growth is being fuelled by a couple of things: the high levels of innovation in this part of ...
24 October 2017
Our latest ShopperVista research shows that over half (55%) of food-to-go shoppers have completed a leisure food-to-go mission in the last four weeks. This mission is characterised by the shopper choosing to consume some, or all, of their food and drink while still in the store or outlet. Is this strictly food-to-go? Shoppers think so! “I tend to grab an Americano black primo to drink in bef...
14 August 2017
Download our food-to-go forecast infographic here. DOWNLOAD PDF HERE