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Following our quick commerce series last year, we explore how the delivery channel is used for foodservice. Using a diary study, we dive into the foodservice delivery missions, including when customers are ordering, the cuisines they are ordering and how much they are spending.
The cost-of-living crisis provided shoppers with a different challenge this Christmas.
The latest data on shoppers’ approach to multichannel shopping.
Our brand-new eye-tracking research gives us a first-look into how shoppers are reacting to HFSS. We explore what this means for your HFSS and HFSS-compliant products.
Our third report in our quick commerce shopper series explores how users plan to use the channel over the coming months.
As we head towards the end of 2022 we look at how shoppers are going to tackle Christmas with the cost of living crisis to contend with.
In the second report in our quick commerce shoppers series, we uncover the path to purchase in the channel. We examine the shopper journey and where operators should focus their attention to win with shoppers.
Understand how shopping habits changed during summer 2022 and what we expect for the remainder of the year.
Our half time report looks at the World Cup and the potential impacts this could have on the run up to Christmas 2022. How will shoppers behave?
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