COVID-19 reports

Access our in-depth Coronavirus (COVID-19) insight reports. The insights in this section cover the whole food and grocery supply chain from manufacturing and logistics to retailing and the shopper perspective.



Over a year since most of the world started to experience the initial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, a clearer picture has emerged of how global retail will be changed over the medium term. In this report we outline how the retail industry will continue to adapt in 2021 and 2022 and place some markers in the ground on COVID-19’s retail legacies.
With an end in sight to COVID-19 restrictions, we review how shoppers have reacted and whether this means a return to more normal shopping behaviour.
During the first lockdown in 2020 we identified six hypotheses setting out how health and wellness could evolve. These hypotheses were designed to help businesses plan for the next stages of the pandemic and beyond in the UK. A year on we re-visit them to see how they have evolved.
Ahead of the Sainsbury’s trade briefing and after a tumultuous year for shoppers and boosted sales for retailers, we take a closer look at the Sainsbury’s shopper; who they are, how they shop and what matters to them when they’re shopping – and how this has changed due to COVID-19.
Discover our top 10 tips to win back 18-24s as they contend with the economic impact of COVID-19
Since the start of COVID-19 fewer shoppers have been visiting Aldi and Lidl. Find out how else shopper behaviour has changed within the food discount channel.
Find out about the K-shaped recovery and which shopper groups will be on the upward and downward parts of the recovery. The report looks at differences by age, gender, income and retailers shopped at.
The latest from the Shoppers of Our Time community on health, food and the future as we look to the end of lockdown
How have shopper habits and attitudes adapted to the recent lockdown?
See how shoppers' focus on Christmas and the new vaccine in December is helping to maintain confidence ahead of a national lockdown in England.