COVID-19 reports

Access our in-depth Coronavirus (COVID-19) insight reports. The insights in this section cover the whole food and grocery supply chain from manufacturing and logistics to retailing and the shopper perspective.



A lot has changed since we last spoke to the Shoppers of Our Time community. We caught up with all 30 of them to find out what changes the 4th July “Super Saturday” unlocking might bring to their cooking and eating habits, as well as their social and family lives, and what they expected the short and medium term future to look like.
Comparing shopper sentiment across the UK pre and during COVID-19
A one stop report answering some of the most popular questions the IGD shopper team have been asked since the start of COVID-19 lockdown
Our retailer spotlights deep diving into Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons shoppers were all published earlier this year using data from the second half of 2019. Since then, Coronavirus (COVID-19) has come along and shaken up the way that people shop in all formats, and supermarkets are no exception.
In these unprecedented circumstances, a sustainable food system is increasingly important to consumers. To help your business plan for the pandemic and beyond, IGD has developed hypotheses of how the UK sustainability agenda will evolve in the short and longer term.
COVID-19 has caused a monumental shift in consumers’ food and drink habits. Our new Eating In Vs Dining Out research, produced in collaboration with foodservice consultant Peter Backman, explores the impact of COVID-19 on the UK food and drink market and outlines four scenarios for the future. At a time of unprecedented change and uncertainty, the four hypothetical scenarios aim to help any company with an interest in the UK’s food retail or foodservice sectors plan for the future. This report focuses on consumers and shoppers; how they have adapted their eating habits already and considerations for the future.
In the second and final part of the life under lockdown report, we look at how eating, cooking and baking habits changed after the 23rd March, as well as at the social aspects of food and how our community, and the nation, has missed those.
Life changed for all of us on March 23rd, and for some more than others. Here we explore how life under lockdown affected our thirty households and the nation as a whole, specifically their shopping habits.
See our latest update about how shoppers are using different channels to complete their shopping missions as a result of Covid-19.
Find out more about the latest data for IGD’s Shopper Confidence Index and how to use it for future planning.