Shoppers of Our Time

Shoppers of Our Time time capsules

We take a step back to May 2020 to see what, if any, of the predictions shoppers made at the time have come true around sustainability, time, health and shopping.

Shoppers of Our Time: a snapshot

Pressed for time? Read this blog post for a quick summary of what this project is all about.

Sticky vs slippery shopper habits

As part of the shoppers of our time series, we look at some of the habits that have stuck with shoppers, and which have slipped away – including shopper locally, shopping less frequently and a switch in mindset to cost saving.

Cooking and socialising trends post COVID-19

We revisit the shoppers of our time to see how their food and social lives have changed as a result of COVID-19 - particularly amongst the youngest.

Divided shoppers: the cost of living - part one

As part of our “divided shoppers” trend, we look at how the rising cost of living is already causing a divide in shopper behaviour.

2021 trend tracking with the Shoppers of Our Time

We’re kicking off our 2021 Shoppers of Our Time fieldwork by focusing in on our five key trends for this year, and you have the opportunity to help shape the research.

Freedom Day delayed: what now for shoppers?

Dan looks back at previous research to determine how shoppers might now react to a further delay to freedom from social distancing, and what that means for you.

Thinking ahead

In this blog accompanying the “thinking ahead” report, Dan looks at the findings from 30 video calls with our community around what will change as a result of unlocking, and what the future holds for our shoppers.