We take a step back to May 2020 to see what, if any, of the predictions shoppers made at the time have come true around sustainability, time, health and shopping.
As part of the shoppers of our time series, we look at some of the habits that have stuck with shoppers, and which have slipped away – including shopper locally, shopping less frequently and a switch in mindset to cost saving.
We revisit the shoppers of our time to see how their food and social lives have changed as a result of COVID-19 - particularly amongst the youngest.
As part of our “divided shoppers” trend, we look at how the rising cost of living is already causing a divide in shopper behaviour.
As part of our “do it for me” trend, we look further into our sustainability segmentation at how you can help shoppers live more sustainably.
As part of our “do it for me” trend, we deep dive into our sustainability segmentation and their views on who should take responsibility for a sustainable food and grocery industry.
During Christmas 2021, Omicron impacted celebrations for half of all shoppers. Read more on how shoppers were divided when it came to celebrating Christmas this year.
In 2020, COVID-19 put a halt to Christmas celebrations for many. This year, will shoppers be making up for lost time?
We revisit the Shoppers of Our Time community to find out whether the ambitions to eat and live more healthily that they talked about last time became a reality
The latest from the Shoppers of Our Time community on health, food and the future as we look to the end of lockdown