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The Co-op shopper

We take a look at the Co-op shopper. Who are they, how do they shop and what matters to them?

Shopping sustainably in a cost-of-living crisis

Inflation is affecting how shoppers approach shopping sustainably, but with energy a key focus there are new opportunities to drive sustainable behaviours.

How will HFSS change how shoppers are influenced in-store and online?

Exploring how shoppers are currently influenced by category hotspots, secondary displays and in-store media and how HFSS could change this.

When will eating out become eating in? Part two

We examine the level at which customers claim they will trade out of their usual out-of-home choices, and where will they switch that spend to.

Shrinkflation - what is the situation now?

As the cost-of-living continues to rise, we revisit the topic to see how shoppers' perceptions of shrinkflation have changed over the last six months.  

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Recession: how could the next differ from
2008 / 09?

While the UK is not in recession yet, many indicators are suggesting that the country may be heading into one. What could this mean for shoppers?


Shoppers fears for the future heighten

Our two-minute read summarising the latest movements in British shopper sentiment and outlook. 

How do shoppers feel about loyalty schemes?

Loyalty schemes are a staple part of customer experiences in certain retailers. Our new report on ShopperVista looks to understand how widely these schemes are being used and how shoppers feel about them.

Category benchmarks 2021 dashboard

Explore our category benchmarks dashboard containing responses from over 4,000 shops across 82 sub-categories to understand the shopping process.

Industry-leading research and supporting webcasts

Explore our series of webcasts keeping you up to date with insights across retail, shopper and supply chain.

Q2 round-up

In this report we have pulled together the key reports to help you keep up with the implications of these different external factors for your businesses.