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The COVID-19 Sainsbury’s Shopper

Ahead of the Sainsbury’s trade briefing and after a tumultuous year for shoppers and boosted sales for retailers, we take a closer look at the Sainsbury’s shopper; who they are, how they shop and what matters to them when they’re shopping – and how this has changed due to COVID-19.

Evolving channel repertoires: ShopperVista update, May 2021

Our May update reveals continued high levels of shopper confidence and more varied shopping missions taking place this month 

Shopper confidence index, May 2021: boosted shopper confidence holding

As the economy continued to open up in May and with two bank holiday weekends find out the impact on shopper confidence 

Online quick commerce – a fad or fashion for shoppers?

Discover the market size and growth opportunities, who quick commerce shopper are, how they shop and what matters to them.

Who is using different meal solutions and who will be in the future?

This is the second report looking at our Multiple Meal Solutions trend where we explore the profile of current meal solution shoppers and who will be using them in the future.

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Further easing of COVID-19 restrictions: what is happening to channel repertoires?

We look at the four things you need to know this month about British food and grocery shoppers and how their behaviour is changing in May as the economy reached another milestone and the vaccination programme continued to be rolled-out.

Tesco one-hour Whoosh service - how will shoppers react?

Michael looks at the growth of quick commerce in the UK and how shoppers are likely to react to news that Tesco is trialling a one-hour online delivery service called Whoosh in Wolverhampton.

Three changes in the shopping habits of young people

Here we look into three key changes in shopping habits of 18-24s over the past year and what this could mean for convenience and online retailers.

H2 round-up

We round-up some of our most popular reports from H2

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Explore our series of webcasts keeping you up to date with insights across retail, shopper and supply chain.

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