Shoppers of Our Time

In this report we look at whether our Shoppers of Our Time community have become more or less concerned about the environmental impact of the food and grocery industry, and themselves, than they were prior to COVID-19.

Pressed for time? Read this blog post for a quick summary of what this project is all about.

Obesity has come under the spotlight again due to the increased vulnerability of the overweight to COVID-19. We look at what the public wants and needs from the food and grocery industry to help them eat and live more healthily.

A lot has changed since we last spoke to the Shoppers of Our Time community. We caught up with all 30 of them to find out what changes the 4th July “Super Saturday” unlocking might bring to their cooking and eating habits, as well as their social and family lives, and what they expected the short and medium term future to look like.

In the second and final part of the life under lockdown report, we look at how eating, cooking and baking habits changed after the 23rd March, as well as at the social aspects of food and how our community, and the nation, has missed those.

Six months on from the conception of Shoppers of Our Time, and as lockdown conditions spread again, Dan revisits what we have discovered so far during the project and what those learnings can tell us about how shoppers are likely to behave in the coming weeks and months.

In this blog accompanying the “thinking ahead” report, Dan looks at the findings from 30 video calls with our community around what will change as a result of unlocking, and what the future holds for our shoppers.

In this blog accompanying the life under lockdown part two report, Dan looks at more findings from the first community around eating, cooking and baking during lockdown and how this has changed for our community.