Exploring category growth opportunities

Date : 04 September 2017

Our new category benchmark series launched on 4th September. This series of reports will identify growth opportunities for your category and your brands, and address key questions such as:

1) What role do brands play in my category?

We found shoppers are more likely to be looking for brands in certain categories, such as carbonated drinks and spirits.

Brand blocking will help improve ease and speed of shop in these categories. Consistent brand communication along the path to purchase, from advertising to shopper marketing, will also make it easier for shoppers to find your brand in-store.

As retailers expand their premium private label ranges, brands will need to work harder to stand out and build loyalty with shoppers.

2) Following a period of range rationalisation, are shoppers finding supermarkets easier to shop or are they frustrated with the lack of choice?

The majority of shoppers said they’re satisfied with the current choice across most categories. The highest demand for greater variety is in fresh fish, world foods and chilled ready meals. In these categories, make sure you understand where the biggest ranging gaps are from a shopper perspective.

Source: Category benchmark research, July 2017. Base: 3,400 UK supermarket shoppers.

Providing a point of difference in the category will create more ranging opportunities for your products. Any additional ranging will need to provide incremental growth for the category and the retailer.

3) Quality and price are both important to shoppers, but how do shoppers determine value in my category?

Baby products and fresh fish are the top-ranking categories in which shoppers are looking for high quality products. If quality is more important than price, point of sale and communication at shelf should inspire and educate shoppers, giving them reasons to spend more.

Source: Category benchmark research, July 2017. Base: 3,400 UK supermarket shoppers.

Where price plays a greater role in product choice e.g. laundry and household paper, clear and simple price communication at shelf is vital. Providing a range of products at different price tiers will enable shoppers to make an informed decision. Premium products should be at eye-level, to maximise trade-up.

Find out more about the above topics and explore shopper behaviour in your category

In this series of reports, we’re going shopping with 3,400 British shoppers! We’ll understand them on a whole new level, creating actionable insights deeply relevant to your category, helping you to make better business decisions.

Find out more about the role of brands in your category in the first report of the series ‘The role of brands in supermarkets’.

These reports are available with a ShopperVista subscription. If you'd like to find out more about becoming a ShopperVista subscriber, speak to us at Ask IGD.