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Date : 14 March 2019

In my savvy shopping blog in February, I noted that a minority of shoppers (36%) had been spending more carefully since the EU Referendum. Our latest research shows that 29% of shoppers claim Brexit may encourage them to buy more new / different foods from around the world when doing their supermarket shop (a significant increase from 22% in Jan’19). 

New behaviours in the year ahead

Source: IGD ShopperVista; ALL shoppers, February’19.

Shoppers want new and different

Our Shoppers of the Future research predicts that ‘Experimentation’ will be one of five mega-trends to stand out the most for shoppers by 2025. According to this, 80% of shoppers are open to trying new / different food and non-food products, services and experiences (vs. only 3% who are not).

As social networks and mobility leave us more connected than ever before, shoppers in the future will increasingly experiment with their shopping, cooking and eating to broaden their repertoires. Look out for the first in our series of five reports exploring each mega-trend.

New behaviours in the year ahead

Source: IGD ShopperVista; ALL shoppers, January’19.

In the year ahead, the majority of shoppers claim to intend on trying more new recipes, flavours and foods (66%) as well as trying new / different products (59%). More generally, nearly all shoppers (94%) claimed they were intending to alter their behaviour in some way. 

Innovation across categories

Top five categories where shoppers are open to purchasing new and different products:

Source: Category benchmark research, Jun-Sep’18.  Base: 3,633 British supermarket shoppers.

The desire for new and different is even more prominent amongst certain categories, like breakfast cereals, confectionery and crisps. Read more about the role of innovation across different categories, or alternatively use our interactive Category Benchmark dashboard for more information on shopper preferences for each category.

But keep it cheap and convenient

While shoppers are keen to try new things, they are also growing more concerned about costs. More shoppers say they will focus more on saving money from their grocery shopping (rather than on quality) in the year ahead (21% Feb’19 vs. 16% Jan’19). The need for convenience also remains high; 60% of shoppers chose their most recent store because it was in a convenient location (vs 54% Jan’19).  The difficult part, therefore, is getting shoppers to make the change.

As shoppers strive to save, help them replicate the eating out experience with cook-at-home and food-to-go alternatives. Inspire shoppers with meal solutions that showcase authentic tastes and flavours from around the world and provide more recipe ideas. See my evening meal mission report for more examples.

Create stronger points of difference within your categories to maximise the likelihood of product listings and successful launches. Considering 40% of all shoppers conducted an online shop last month and 22% intend on online shopping more in the year ahead, investing in extending your range by offering products exclusively online could prove valuable.

Continue to refresh your range to provide variety. Encourage and showcase innovation – but don’t disregard the traditionalists.

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