Rhian explores how the convenience channel can meet the needs of the different food-to-go missions.


Over half of all food-to-go shoppers visit a convenience store to complete a food-to-go mission in a month period. Find out more about the attitudes and behaviours of these shoppers in our latest report.
See our latest food-to-go shopper insights to understand the key differences across the food-to-go missions
Two thirds of food-to-go shoppers visit a supermarket to complete a food-to-go mission in a month. Find out more about these shoppers in our latest report

One-third (31%) of consumers would eat out more if healthier options were more readily available says our new research. Interest in healthy eating is on the rise and so is eating out.

Our research explores the links between these trends and the commercial opportunities for food and drink companies.

9 November 2018, London
Discover how both retailers and food-to-go specialists are targeting the food-to-go opportunity in the dynamic London market, with a selection of visits to operators leading the innovation agenda.

8 November 2018, London
Understand how the food-to-go market is evolving, where the opportunities lie and how industry leaders across Europe are leveraging these trends.

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