Capturing food-to-go shoppers in grocery channels

Date : 30 August 2016




In July I wrote about the importance of making the most of the food-to-go missions and thinking beyond specific meal occasions and times. In order to really capitalise on the opportunity presented across the different parts of the food-to-go market it is important to understand what drives shoppers to choose a particular store, or channel, to complete their mission.

Our missions research carried out earlier this year showed that, amongst food and grocery channels, convenience stores and high street discounters were the top channels being used to complete a food-to-go mission.




Source: IGD ShopperVista research, base: All grocery shoppers, March’16

More specifically our research showed the top fascia’s shoppers were choosing to visit to buy food or drink to-go:




Source: IGD ShopperVista research, base: All grocery shoppers, March’16

Convenience is the most popular channel for shoppers to complete a food-to-go mission. Eight in ten shoppers would like to see more choice of food-to-go products in their main convenience store. Does this present an opportunity for NPD?

Food-to-go products c-store shoppers want more range




Source: IGD ShopperVista Channel Focus research, base: convenience shoppers, Dec-Feb ‘16

Looking at the key drivers behind product choices by mission we see that taste is more likely to be at the forefront of shoppers’ minds when buying food-to-go. This consideration is even more important amongst AB food-to-go shoppers. Have you considered how you can communicate the taste elements of your products in-store? How can you encourage shoppers to try new and different products?

Top product drivers by mission




Source: IGD ShopperVista research, base: All grocery shoppers, March’16

Previous research exploring the food-to-go mission in food discounters showed that food discount shoppers scored the channel very highly in terms of value for money relative to other channels. Given the importance of price to shoppers when choosing products, this is an important consideration. However, just one in five food-to-go discount shoppers felt that the range of brands available in food discounters were better than elsewhere; does that present an opportunity for your brands to work with food discounters?

Perceptions amongst food discount shoppers who bought food-to-go products in a food discount store




Source: IGD ShopperVista Channel Focus research, base: Food discount shoppers, Oct-Dec’15

Our food-to-go market definition is made up of five segments; coffee specialists, quick service restaurants, food-to-go specialists, convenience, forecourt and other retailers and finally large format stores. Look out for further research coming soon to ShopperVista exploring shopper attitudes about food-to-go across each of these different segments.