Five Insights into the Greggs’ shopper

Date : 19 April 2017

At the end of February, Greggs announced strong 2016 results, with like-for-like sales up 4.2% and total sales ahead by 7% to £894m (source: Greggs Preliminary 2016 results). What is it that matters most to Greggs’ shoppers and keeps them coming back and what future opportunities could there be for this food-to-go specialist?

1. Greggs’ fans are loyalists

While Greggs has been focusing more attention on the breakfast mission, its shoppers show a strong loyalty towards the brand beyond breakfast, making it their first choice for each food-to-go mission.
This loyalty to Greggs is driven by overall satisfaction levels of more than 90% amongst its shoppers.

Source: IGD ShopperVista Food-to-go, July- Dec 2016

2. Greggs does not feature as strongly in other shoppers’ consideration

Among other food-to-go shoppers, their likelihood of choosing Greggs for a food-to-go mission is greatly reduced, apart from snacking. Greggs has been complementing its existing favourites with menu innovation in areas such as hot drinks and lower-calorie options. Driving awareness outside the store could be one tactic to encourage infrequent Greggs’ shoppers to pay a visit.

3. Pasties and sausage rolls remain destination categories, but developments in the sandwich offer could further increase Greggs’ appeal

Looking at the lunch mission, other food-to-go shoppers are most likely to purchase a sandwich or cold wrap as part of this, and are less likely to choose pies, pasties and sausage rolls. Sandwiches are a growing part of the Greggs range, but are perhaps not strongly associated with the brand. Greggs is keen to offer a wider range of products, as shown through the development of its Balanced Choice range. Can your products help Greggs meet the needs of different shoppers and further increase its appeal as a food-to-go specialist?

Source: IGD ShopperVista Food-to-go, July- Dec 2016

4. Greggs gets a near-perfect value for money score

Almost all (98%) of Greggs’ shoppers are satisfied with the value for money they get. Good value is central to Greggs’ corporate strategy and the use of seasonal meal deals and offers at different times of day has proven successful. Can highlighting deals outside of stores help attract more shoppers on the hunt for value?

5. Greggs’ shoppers are more likely to want gluten and dairy free options than the average food-to-go shopper

Gluten free ranges have been part of recent menu innovations at Greggs, something which will be welcomed by their shoppers, with over a quarter (28%) indicating that they would like an expanded range of these products.

Source: IGD ShopperVista Food-to-go, July- Dec 2016

Developing other free from ranges such as dairy free may also help Greggs expand its appeal to existing and potential shoppers.

For more information about the Greggs’ shopper, read IGD’s ShopperVista report.

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