Keeping up with the food-to-go shopper: the five trends to watch

Date : 19 October 2018

Our excitement is definitely building with just under three weeks to go until Food-to-Go 2018. During the day we’ll hear industry leaders’ views on this dynamic market and get inspiration from three European retailers. 

We’ll start by focusing on the food-to-go shopper

Shoppers’ basic needs – value, choice and convenience – won’t change. But they’re already more time-pressed, heath and socially conscious and digitally engaged than ever before. We think future shoppers will:

I’ll use these five mega trends (identified in our shoppers of the future research) as a framework. I’ll discuss how food-to-go consumers could evolve and how your business can get ahead and meet their needs. 

So, what could these trends mean for food-to-go? 

The shopper of 2025 will become increasingly experimental in their shopping, cooking and eating habits. Four out of five say they’re open to trying new and different food and non-food products and experiences. We’ve already seen consistent levels of interest in expanded ranges in categories from hot food to gluten free and vegan options.

We believe that the desire for more choice is only going to increase. However, shoppers’ expectations of what defines good choice will evolve. They’ll be influenced by macro food trends such as the growing interest in plant-based diets. 

Rhian Thomas

Rhian Thomas

Head of Shopper Insight