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In this report, we provide 10 hypotheses on how the online channel will be impacted by Coronavirus (COVID-19).
We share how UK online retailers are using online content, operations and supply chain to help colleagues and shoppers.
In this report, we discuss how grocery shopping has evolved in five different ways in China during the pandemic. These are unlikely to be short-term changes and may not go away when the pandemic is over. These changes will have a long-lasting and profound impact on path to purchase, fulfillment models, supported by new partnerships and innovations. What these changes mean to retailers and brands in other parts of the world and what actions they can take are also discussed.
We take a look at the online shopper impact of Coronovirus COVID-19, looking at changes in behavior of online shopping.
Help inform your online strategy with this guide to understanding online grocery shoppers: who they are, when they shop and which devices they use.
Discover which categories are bought online and initatives to unlock growth
Our latest online shopper update compares shopper attitudes and behaviour according to different online retailers. Read to help you to optimise your investment in the online grocery channel, giving you essential information on core metrics.
Online grocery shopping; online grocery innovation; rapid deliveries; personalisation; online grocery shoppers views; future of online grocery shopping.
Find out about Amazon’s potential food and grocery opportunity among British shoppers
Discover how the search for range is influencing multichannel shopping