Getting under the skin of multichannel shopping

Date : 12 June 2019

We often hear shoppers are increasingly shopping around or that they are shopping little and often across different stores and channels; essentially, they are multichannel shopping. We know this is not a new phenomenon by any means.

Through ShopperVista we track the channels shoppers are using every month and the missions they are competing in each; in September 2016 we found that shoppers were claiming to have used 4.6 channels in the last month. Fast forward to May 2019 and that number has remained steady at 4.8 channels in the last month.

Source: IGD Shopper Vista Base: 1000+, All Shoppers, May'19


What drives shoppers to shop so frequently and across such an array of environments?

This is what we have set out to discover in our brand-new multichannel shopper research; what does multichannel shopping look like today and what is driving this behaviour.

While over 4 in 10 of us (44%, IGD ShopperVista, May ’19) say that we quite enjoy grocery shopping a very similar proportion of us (45%, IGD ShopperVista, May ’19) state that we like to complete our food and grocery shopping as quickly as possible.

To create this detailed multichannel picture, we have used a combination of research approaches; a week-long online food and grocery diary exercise with over 400 British shoppers, qualitative WhatsApp diaries and in-depth focus groups as well as our continuous ShopperVista data. This insight can be used to inform channel plans and strategies to align with key shopper needs.

Over the coming weeks we will be releasing five reports on ShopperVista

In our first report; Unlocking shopper behaviour by channel, we will;

  • quantify the time spent food and grocery shopping by channel
  • look at patterns in channel usage by time of day and day of week
  • as well as providing an in-depth look at shoppers from the different channels including supermarkets and hypermarkets, online, food discount, variety discount, convenience stores including forecourts,     


Our second report; UK Channel Opportunities – the shopper view, is designed to be read in conjunction with IGD’s upcoming UK Channel Opportunities 2019-2024 report which provides our latest UK market and channel forecasts.

The remaining three reports will explore how multichannel shopping aligns with the three-core shopper needs of value, convenience and choice:

  1. Delivering value to the multichannel shopper
  2. Creating convenience across channels
  3. Delivering choice for shoppers


ShopperVista subscribers can access the first of our multichannel shopping reports here. If you aren’t a subscriber but would like to find out more about this research and more, don’t hesitate to drop me or the shopper team a line at [email protected]

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