The importance of understanding shopper missions by channel and category

Date : 09 November 2016




The concept of ‘shopper missions’ may have become a buzzword in the industry but missions are really important to understand if you want to offer your shoppers the right products at the right time in the right format. 



IGD has built up a wealth of knowledge on shopper missions (through our ShopperVista tracking and bespoke focus groups) to really understand missions and how they are evolving. Nine in ten shoppers are now top-up shopping. With a trend towards increased top-up shopping and food-to-go, and fewer conducting a big main shop, do you understand which channels shoppers are using more of for these missions? Which mission does your category fall into?

Nine in ten shoppers are now top-up shopping




Base: All grocery shoppers, March’16. Arrows denote changes versus 2015

Shoppers are also using different channels for their main shopping mission, with fewer shoppers using traditional supermarkets and more moving online or using food discounters. Our channel specific reports will help you understand why other channels are becoming more appealing for the main shop and food-to-go missions.

Retailers are trialling mission-led ranging to boost cross-category sales and wanting to satisfy shoppers by providing for their needs on a particular mission. For example, below is a picture of the layout Sainsbury’s is trialling to group products by mission. Are you working in partnership with your retailers to develop a compelling mission based layout for shoppers?




On recent accompanied shopping trips, shoppers have told us that this type of ranging helps inspire them by providing meal ideas or reminding them to buy things they may have forgotten.

“I will get some bolognaise sauce as I have just seen the pasta. I will also buy some smoked salmon and asparagus for a meal.”

Female, younger family, Leeds, Food discount store

Therefore, understanding shopper missions is vital to driving growth for your category. We can help you through bespoke market research tailored to your needs. Our capabilities include a range of quantitative and qualitative techniques to produce compelling insights with commercial impact. Get in touch to find out more about our bespoke solutions, training or briefings.