Price and promotions reports


Our latest data focuses on shoppers’ overall sentiment, including attitudes towards EDLP and promotion, value and food and shopping preferences.
The second report in our price and promotions series diving into what shoppers really think and what matters most.
The third installment of our cost-of-living series explores developments in price and promotional strategies and what matters to shoppers.
This report uncovers the key changes in shopping behaviour from each channel. Read it alongside our trended data report to gain a full picture of shoppers in the latest quarter.
Download this report to access, explore and interact with all of our quarterly data. This report should be read alongside our Q2 2023: quarterly channel trends report to gain a full picture of shoppers in the latest quarter.
The second in our series explores the trade up and down decisions shoppers are making in six distinct categories: laundry, fresh chicken, yoghurt, squash or cordial, curry sauce and sweet biscuits.
The first in our series of trade up and down reports explores the changes shoppers are making in and out-of-home.
What can we expect from shoppers next year?
The third report in our loyalty series exploring consumer attitudes to loyalty schemes in food-to-go and eating out.
The second report in our shopper loyalty series explores what elements of retail loyalty schemes resonate most with shoppers.