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In our annual Christmas research we look at how sustainability could shape shopper behaviour when shopping this Christmas.

53% of shoppers claim to be trying to reduce the amount of sugar that they/their family consume at meal occasions...

Understand the role of meal planning during different phases of the the shopper journey and how the approach to meals is changing

Exploring shoppers view on different occasions and the role of food and drink plays within occasions

See our latest examples of great shopper engagement, including John Lewis’ exclusive Quality Street chocolate and Disney’s Heroes campaign in Sainsbury’s.


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Top-up shops are now the most common overall shopping mission, this week Poundland announced how they want to target the top-up shopper, read Sylvia’s article on how variety discounters are appealing to shoppers on a top-up mission.

Read more about how shoppers are approaching Christmas Day celebrations this year. 

See our latest infographic exploring how shoppers are approaching Christmas this year. 

ShopperVista Top five roundup H2 2019

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