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Quarterly channel trends – Q3 2022

Understand how shopping habits are changing during summer 2022.

Quick commerce: defining shopper missions

Using a diary study, we have redefined the missions for the quick commerce channel into eight brand new meal-led and task-led missions.

How are our shopper trends evolving?

In January 2022, we set out our predictions for the year ahead. What we didn’t expect was just how turbulent this year was going to be and we’re only halfway through!

Recession: how could the next differ from 2008 / 09?

While the UK is not in recession yet, and the Bank of England and OBR forecasting slow or no growth, rather than a contraction, many indicators are suggesting that the country may be heading into one. 

Summer vs. saving - the cost of living crisis

Who is embracing summer and who is already saving for winter bills?

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Shoppers continue adjusting to new reality

July was a busy month; it saw Boris Johnson resign, the hottest day on record and football coming home courtesy of the Lionesses. Shopper confidence edged up slightly but other factors remain a worry for shoppers.


How has the cost of living crisis impacted food-to-go?

After nearly all food-to-go missions returned to their pre pandemic levels in Q1, our Q2 update explores how the cost of living crisis has impacted food-to-go consumption.

How are our 2022 shopper trends evolving?

We have a brand-new report on ShopperVista reflecting on the predictions we made at the start of 2022, looking at how they are evolving in the current environment and what we think is to come in the latter half of 2022. 

Category benchmarks 2021 dashboard

Explore our category benchmarks dashboard containing responses from over 4,000 shops across 82 sub-categories to understand the shopping process.

Industry-leading research and supporting webcasts

Explore our series of webcasts keeping you up to date with insights across retail, shopper and supply chain.

H2 round-up

We round-up some of our most popular reports from H2.