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For the first of our 2020 retailer spotlights, we take a closer look at the Morrisons shopper; who they are, how they shop and what matters to them when they’re shopping.

In this report, we look at food discount shoppers’ interest in healthy foods such as sugar free, wholefoods, low fat, low calorie, vegan and other plant-based products.

Looking at trends within food-to-go during Q4 2019.

With people shopping around more, we look at changing shopper attitudes to loyalty cards and compare loyalty card users from 9 different supermarkets.

Understand the role hot food and drinks play in creating a compelling food-to-go offer.


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Find out how many shoppers made new year’s resolutions to make changes to their diets and where do plant-based options fit in 

As the UK leaves the EU, Michael looks ahead to what issues are likely to be high on shoppers' agenda during the transition period.

Dan's blog this month gives an update on changes we have made to our tracking data covering shopper sentiment, missions and events, health, nutrition and ethics, multichannel, brand and private label and technology and digital

ShopperVista Top five roundup H2 2019

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Understand the latest developments in Brexit and how the consumer goods industry should prepare