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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Get the latest insights on Coronavirus (COVID-19) to help your business understand what the food and grocery industry is doing around the world to address the evolving pandemic.

Shopper Confidence Index

Our monthly measure of the food and grocery shopper sentiment.

Shopper sentiment

We track trends and projections in shopper behaviour, and relate these to the economy at large.


How retailers are using digital to engage with shoppers, and how shoppers are using it.

Missions and events

Why are people shopping?

Category & in-store

Our category benchmarks provide attitudinal shopper data for individual categories.

Health, nutrition & ethics

Explore the crucial role ethical and health considerations play in determining shopper choices.

Private label & brands

Each month we track shoppers' views on private label and branded groceries.

Future-proof your business now to win with shoppers in 2025.

Solutions from IGD

Creating personalised solutions that address critical customer and commercial challenges

IGD forecasts the digital future for the food and grocery industry.