Making it easier to keep track of the British shopper

Dan Gillett
Shopper Insight Manager

Date : 05 February 2020

If you’re reading this blog post, then you’re probably already aware that the heart of the ShopperVista survey is a detailed tracking questionnaire. Through this service we speak to a nationally representative panel of more than 1,000 British food and grocery shoppers every month, about topics as varied as their personal economic expectations, how satisfied they were with their latest food shop and what their attitudes to health eating are.

The data we gather from this survey is then curated and developed into the insights that form the core of most of the reports you see on ShopperVista. But we also publish it in the form of six reports (four reports every month and two every quarter) on the trends section of the ShopperVista website.

Based on the usage statistics for that section of the website and feedback from our users, we know that:

  1. These tracking decks are very popular amongst those who use them
  2. It could be easier to track historic data through the tracking decks

So, to kick-start 2020 in the right way, I have entirely rebuilt and enhanced their content based on feedback we’ve received from you. The primary change is that where we have back data available, this is now included in the deck and will allow you to compare year on year data back as far as we have it.

Below you can find more information about each of the decks. Hopefully you will find them useful, but if you have any feedback then please get in touch.

Shopper sentiment

Updated: Monthly

Found: Here

At a glance: In here you can find all of our measures relating to shopper sentiment now, and how shoppers expect to behave in the future. Food price expectations, attitudes towards promotions and general shopping, cooking and eating behaviour are all included. We’ve been tracking financial confidence and shopper food price expectations monthly since 2011/2012, and all of that back data can be found here.

Key insight: December’s election result does appear to be having a positive impact on shopper sentiment, with upticks across most measures since then.

Missions and events

Updated: Monthly

Found: Here

At a glance: This report shows you what missions shoppers carry out in each of five channels (supermarkets, convenience stores, food discount stores, online and variety discount stores), as well as their motivations for shopping in each channel, with tracking data going back to February 2017.

Key insight: Shoppers are increasingly choosing large format supermarkets because they are enjoyable to shop in, and more convenient than other formats

Health, nutrition and ethics

Updated: Monthly

Found: Here

At a glance: This report has great depth, looking in detail at shopper attitudes to healthy eating, what healthy means to them and what they are doing to be healthier. It also looks at shopper trust in the industry to protect workers, the environment and consumers, with tracking data going back to April 2017.

Key insight: Shoppers generally trust manufacturers to provide products that are safe, healthy and do what they say they will – but are less trusting on environmental credentials. Generally, trust has been stable over the last few years.


Updated: Monthly

Found: Here

At a glance: This report can be split into three buckets; channel and store usage, shopping behaviour (thinking about shopping around and frequency of shop), and shopper satisfaction. We’ve been tracking shopper satisfaction monthly since January 2017.

Key insight: Multichannel shopping is well established, with more than 80% of shoppers visiting four or more different channels every month.

Brand and private label

Updated: Quarterly (next update in March)

Found: Here

At a glance: This report looks at brand loyalty, private label product perceptions and branded perceptions. We have back data here going back to September 2016.

Key insight: Own label satisfaction is very high, with 70% of shoppers “very satisfied” with the quality of own label products – only 7% disagree.  

Technology and digital

Updated: Quarterly (next update in March)

Found: Here

At a glance: This report looks at how technology fits into grocery shopping, looking at click and collect, in-store technology and research when grocery shopping. It also looks at Amazon’s place in grocery shopping, both not and in the future.

Key insight: 77% of shoppers think technology could help them in their food and grocery shopping, particularly in comparing prices and finding special offers. Technology like scan and go, both mobile and handset based, could help with this right now.  

If you have any feedback or comments about any of the reports, please get in touch with your suggestions or requests.