Online retailers: who’s winning with shoppers?

Date : 03 January 2020

As we begin the new decade, we predict that online will continue to be the fastest-growing channel in food and grocery. But how do shoppers choose between you and your competitors? In our new report, I look at what shoppers want from online retailers.

Over 4 in 10 shoppers claim to shop online regularly, using on average one online grocer per month. Shoppers are more likely to have used Amazon over the past four weeks (23% agree) than other online retailers. Find out more about how Amazon online food and grocery shoppers differ.

Base: 1,000+ ALL shoppers, Nov’19.


Shoppers choose their preferred online retailer for a range of different reasons

For many shoppers, online store choice drivers are the same for the retailers’ bricks and mortar stores. For retailers with physical stores, shoppers tend to view their offering in the same light. For example, helping to save money is the largest driver for Asda and Iceland online shoppers. For Waitrose online shoppers, however, shoppers are most driven by the high quality of its products (80% of Waitrose online shoppers agree).

Delivery is the most popular option   

Home delivery or delivery to a chosen address remains the most popular way for online grocery shoppers to get their order. Click and collect accounts for a small share in comparison, largely due to the early uptake of home delivery.

Though delivery is significantly more popular, Asda over indexes in click and collect as it continues to invest in and push this service (15% of Asda shoppers claim to use this option). Asda has an impressive ecommerce infrastructure and platform to accelerate digital growth across its operations, supported by Walmart Labs.

Considering more online shoppers claim to use click and collect with this retailer, this initiative seems to have worked. As a result, there are potentially more opportunities to push smaller shopping missions.

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For a full comparison of shopper attitudes to and behaviours with different online retailers, read our brand new report: Online retailers – who is winning and why.

For more information specific to the online channel, visit our online channel homepage, or please feel free to get in touch with me or the rest of the shopper team at [email protected].

Ellie Tew

Shopper Insight Analyst