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As COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of rapid delivery, read more to understand what last miler operators are, the conditions that will make last mile offerings most appealing to British shoppers, and how to win with last milers across the globe.
As the joint venture between Ocado and M&S begins on September 1st, we compare the shopper profiles of the two retailers.
As the online shopper profile has shifted dramatically and many have changed their shopping habits over lockdown, do new and existing online shoppers anticipate their shopping habits sticking?
We explore shopper’s appetite for online shopping with Aldi and Lidl, how it has changed and how the food discounters could entice more shoppers online
Abridged report looking specifically at the marketing opportunities presented by mobile Scan & Go technology
Our latest online shopper update compares shopper attitudes and behaviour according to different online retailers. Read to help you to optimise your investment in the online grocery channel, giving you essential information on core metrics.
How technology like Scan & Go is changing the way shoppers interact with the store, and how you can interact with shoppers
Online grocery shopping; online grocery innovation; rapid deliveries; personalisation; online grocery shoppers views; future of online grocery shopping.
Find out about Amazon’s potential food and grocery opportunity among British shoppers
Find out how interested online shoppers are in online subscriptions