Our final part of our four part series on health. In this report, we  explore; barriers to making healthy choices, the tactics shoppers adopt to make healthy choices, the role of supermarkets in helping shoppers make healthy choices, words associated with health and shopper perceptions of health claims.

In the second of our deep dives into our future shopper mega-trends, we explore the detail behind the trend towards social consciousness.


In this report, we look at food discount shoppers’ interest in healthy foods such as sugar free, wholefoods, low fat, low calorie, vegan and other plant-based products. We explore, satisfaction with the current health offering in Aldi and Lidl and how food discounters can make it easier for shoppers to make healthy choices.
In this report we look at what are the big health trends that kick off in January including giving up alcohol/dry January, trying out veganism/plant-based diets, vegetarianism or opting for a flexitarian diet for the month of January. We explore how many shoppers started and maintained a vegan diet in January. We also look at the most popular health focused products shoppers are interested in e.g vegan/plant based, gluten-free and reduced sugar. And reveal where health and ethics appears in the top motivations for New Year’s resolutions.
We predict five key shopper trends that we expect to shape the food and grocery market over the next 12 months and beyond

Our health, nutrition and ethics data includes shopper priorities across these three issues as well as trust levels.

Understand how shoppers feel about front of pack nutrition labelling, how well they understand them and use them alongside health claims to make purchasing decisions.

Latest research looking at attitudes towards fibre, barriers to purchase and the most compelling messaging to drive more fibre consumption