Shopping habits, and shopper demands, have changed as a result of COVID-19. British and local sourcing is more important than ever. In preparation for EU Exit at the end of the year, we looked into shoppers attitudes towards British and local foods and producers and how they may be changing.

In this report we have identified six hypotheses focused on how health and wellness trends could evolve both for individuals and households and wider societal trends.


We present findings from our exclusive global research on the interesting and increasingly valuable group of shoppers aged 50-64.
An updated look at shopper adoption and attitudes towards plant-based diets.
In this new report, we look at our latest insights exploring how health habits have been impacted as a result of the pandemic and which ones are likely to stick for the longer term.

Our health, nutrition and ethics data includes shopper priorities across these three issues as well as trust levels.

Understand how shoppers feel about front of pack nutrition labelling, how well they understand them and use them alongside health claims to make purchasing decisions.

Latest research looking at attitudes towards fibre, barriers to purchase and the most compelling messaging to drive more fibre consumption