85% of shoppers have an aspiration to improve their diet in some way, in this report we explore their attitudes towards sugar.

To coincide with world vegan day on the 1st November, and November being world vegan month, my first blog looks into the realities of veganism in the UK.


Continuing our category benchmark series of reports, we explore the importance of health, provenance and ethics for shoppers.
The drivers behind changing shopper attitudes to plant based diets.
Use this report to find out how the importance of brand is driving a change in shoppers’ quality perceptions when grocery shopping

Our health, nutrition and ethics data includes shopper priorities across these three issues as well as trust levels.

Latest research looking at attitudes towards fibre, barriers to purchase and the most compelling messaging to drive more fibre consumption

Aspiring to eat well is a goal that most of us share, with food discount shoppers being no exception.