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A look at how value perception, usage occasions and comparison with brands differs between the three tiers of supermarket private label.

Find out more about shopper attitudes around brands and private label


Understand the importance of private label and brands by different convenience store segments across a range of measures and how this is changing
In this report, we asked shoppers how they use and perceive each of the different tiers of supermarket private label products - value, standard and premium. We explore:
- How usage occasions differ between the three tiers of own label products - How quality and value perceptions differ between the three tiers of private label - How each tier of private label compares against branded equivalents - What would encourage shoppers to buy more of each tier of private label
Find out what quality means to food discount shoppers

Our latest data focuses on shoppers’ overall sentiment, including attitudes towards EDLP and promotion, value and food and shopping preferences.

Our latest research shows that 29% of shoppers claim Brexit may encourage them to buy more new / different foods from around the world when doing their supermarket shop (a significant increase from 22% in Jan’19).

Discover the categories where brands have the greatest influence on shoppers’ purchase decisions.