For 2020, we’re launching a new way of measuring shopper sentiment. It is a monthly measure of food and grocery shopper confidence with trended data going back to 2013.


It provides a really relevant indicator and tool for your business as it focuses just on food and grocery shoppers with a strong future focus.


The IGD Shopper Confidence Index and supporting measures provides the context to give you the “why” to go behind the “what” and is a valuable resource in short and long term planning.

Find out more about the latest data for IGD’s Shopper Confidence Index and how to use it for future planning

Find out more about the IGD’s Shopper Confidence Index for March 2020 and how to use it for future planning

In his latest blog, Michael looks at how our Shopper Confidence Index is changing and how the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is resulting in improved levels of trust in the food and consumer goods industry

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