In the second of our deep dives into our future shopper mega-trends, we explore the detail behind the trend towards social consciousness.

See our latest infographic looking at shopper attitudes towards Brexit with less than 1 month to go.


Our selection of key insights from across Retail Analysis and ShopperVista from the last three months. This report includes the latest macroeconomic and shopper sentiment data, retailer results and market shares. We also highlight the latest channel and market trends, and new store formats.
In this report we: Explore shoppers' expectation for food price rises; Understand attitudes to expectations for availability of food post Brexit; Understand intentions to buy more local and British food; Understand concerns for quality and ethical standards of food post Brexit; Assess shoppers' levels of stockpiling as a result of Brexit
See our plan for upcoming shopper insight presentations, ranging from shopper trends, in-store excellence and deep dives to retailer spotlights, flagship research and channel insights.
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Our latest data focuses on shoppers’ overall sentiment, including attitudes towards EDLP and promotion, value and food and shopping preferences.

Our new research compares shopper behaviour, motivations and attitudes in your category, with other food and grocery categories, to identify challenges, strengths and opportunities.