In the second of our deep dives into our future shopper mega-trends, we explore the detail behind the trend towards social consciousness.

Dan's blog this month gives an update on changes we have made to our tracking data covering shopper sentiment, missions and events, health, nutrition and ethics, multichannel, brand and private label and technology and digital


See our latest update about how shoppers are using different channels to complete their shopping missions as a result of Covid-19.
With the UK again on the brink of another recession, we highlight the similarities and differences in shoppers’ attitudes and behaviours between 2008 and 2020 and provide predictions for the future
This report maps out the momentous changes to the grocery sector resulting from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic over the last three months. It explores how shopper behaviour has changed, the impact of the virus on retailers, how the pandemic might change retail in future and what this means for suppliers.
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Our latest data focuses on shoppers’ overall sentiment, including attitudes towards EDLP and promotion, value and food and shopping preferences.